My Story

My name is Marek Zarzycki.

I’m a husband, I’m a parent, I’m a trader. For almost 3 years now I run the Risk Reward Trader education program to help people overcome inflation and smartly increase their capital.

My professional life was always about two passions: economy and communication. I studied economy at the Krakow University of Economics. Besides trading, during my career, I worked for two banks (State Street, Eurobank) and for the analytical/statistical company called SPSS. Currently supporting Philip Morris EU Region (7 factories) in terms of cost optimization and efficiency as a Supervisor Strategic Planning. This experience has taught me how markets work, how to use probability to my advantage and how to wisely manage my capital.

On the other hand, I really like teaching and public speaking. As a consequence of several years devoted to this topic, in 2017 I received a DTM certificate for “Leadership & Public Speaking Excellence” signed by CEO Toastmasters International.

Both Passions coalesced on the stage of the Invest Cuffs Congress (previously FX Cuffs) as I had an opportunity to lead this conference several years in a row. Learning from the best traders and exchanging ideas with very experience investors was a priceless experience.

In early 2020 I started to put all this experience and knowledge into an easily digestible package and in November 2020 I announced the start of the Risk Reward Trader program. Before going public I decided to test the premises with real users during Pilot Phase. After a year and thanks to 16 members from 4 different countries, the program is much more customer-oriented and flexible.