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Risk Reward Trader

Learn how to effectively increase your capital using Probability Based Strategy

This program gives you the ultimate guidance and helps to enter the markets in a professional way.

It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it!

Download 6 steps of Probability Based Strategy and learn how to spot good opportunities in the market

On average this approach gave me 82.5% ROI per year

I believe investments should make you free at some point in time. That means you can’t devote much time to your investment activities. Risk Reward Trader program was designed to do exactly that, make you free.

  • minimal time consumption – max 15 min a day (usually <5min)
  • based on probability and simple economic rules
  • designed to guide you at every stage using step-by-step process
  • proven by results (see statistics) and by 21 members from 4 countries.

I won’t say it’s easy or that everyone can do it. I won’t guarantee success. What I can promise is to share my vast knowledge and experience to help you achieve your financial goals, however, the final outcome depends mainly on you and your consistency!

Marek Zarzycki Risk Reward Trader

Why should you join Risk Reward Trader Program?

  • to get very practical education worth more than many MBA studies

  • to avoid making stupid mistakes and losing money (especially at the beginning of your journey)

  • to diversify your income without dedicating too much time

  • to dissociate your investments from stock performance

  • to protect your money from inflation

  • simply to have more capital to secure your family and/or yourself – perhaps even achieve financial independence

  • to join a group of people passionate about financial world

This simple, but powerful approach is helping even very experienced traders and brokers to stay on track long term.

Program Components

Each component was designed and tested during Pilot Phase to guide you by hand and steadily advance your knowledge.

Initial Training

This step is design to provide you with all the information you need to start the investment journey. You will learn on how markets work, how to spot a good opportunity, how to execute transactions, how to manage your account balance and much more. Thanks to the feedback we received form our members this training is now prepared 100% online (VIPs also get individual training).

Weekly Video Report / Webinar

It is not possible to cover all topics during initial training. Moreover any new member needs practice in real environment. That is why weekly session was introduced. During sessions I go through the live markets to show my way of analysis on the fly, so you can learn how to do it. We dive into main instruments I watch (currency pairs, commodities, indexes) and put them into long term perspective.

Daily Trades

Probably most desired part of the program by all the members. Every day I analyze the markets and issue e-mails with trades I plan to execute on my personal account. The e-mail alert contains all necessary information, a chart, price details and a description of why I want to initiate this transaction. The alert is sent before opening the trade so you have the chance to consider opening the trade on your account There are only few trades per month.

Bootcamp / Mentoring

Members ask many questions and sometimes e-mail isn’t an effective method to answer some of those questions. So, we need an additional platform to cover them. Bootcamp and mentoring is a tool that allows us to dive deep into specific topics and make sure you understand process in entirely. This understanding induces more confidence and makes you more comfortable and relaxed. This of course makes trading much easier.


In 2020 I officially announced the start of Risk Reward Program. I decided to introduce Pilot Phase. 16 people were invited to test the program for free.
All data represents period from 1st Jan 2021 till 31st Dec 2022.

Trades performed
Video Reports delivered
E-mails sent
% ROI delivered

Check 2022 Summary

Case Studies

Here are some transactions I shared with the community this year.
Please note that I win no more than 50% of my trades, however, my winning transactions are much bigger than the losing ones.

18th October

AUDCAD +102 pips

The next day price just exploded and after several days we took a nice profit.

12th July

Silver - 49 pips

Unfortunately there was no rebound in the price and it just  followed interim down-trend.

23rd September

EURJPY + 199pips

Very quickly price has achieve the expected level. Later on we even re-entered this trade without profit or loss.

next recruitment in starts Jul 1st
Recruitment for PRO members is currently CLOSED


It’s actually one product / membership that gives you step-by-step guidance to profitable trading..

I’m sure it’s not an easy decision and you may have many questions. So perhaps this can help, you may reserve 30 min session with me completely for free.
I will not try to convince you, but will simply and openly answer any question you may have.

10% income goes to charity!

We believe that educated people can create a better world. Unfortunately not every kid has the same opportunities. That is why 10% of the income from Risk Reward Trader and from all my private investments is donated to charity organizations supporting children’s education and development.

Members Opinion

We invited 16 people to test this program for free. Those are some opinions after a year.

I’ve been with “Risk Reward Trader” since April 2021, It was my first time investing in Forex. I can honestly say that the knowledge I obtained after joining your program had drastically helped me to understand the Forex market and start making a profit in just under a few months.

Adam Boloz, United Kingdom

The educational program that Marek has built, finally allowed me to understand how Forex works and how I can use its natural forces to reap some profits.

Piotr Chimko, Poland

Risk Reward program was really interesting for me as for a person interested in financial markets and trading. Big advantages of the course were good balance between theoretical and practical parts of training, real time sharing of trading strategy details and longterm market knowledge together with extra balance surplus on live trading account in the end. I can strongly recommend this program for people with basic knowledge in trading and financial markets – this is a great way to expand your knowledge and skills in trading.

Viktor Galych, Ukraine

Marek is a person really involved in the topic. During the training he provided unique atmosphere, helping members to understand all terms and feel part of the Pilot Phase community. You can also feel the passion when he talks about markets and charts. I can definitely recommend Marek as a trainer and as a trusted mentor.

Marzena Zielińska, Poland


Why there is only 5 PRO seats available per quarter?2021-11-28T14:04:52+01:00

My priority is to fully onboard each member and to make him/her 100% ready to start their investment journey. I wouldn’t be able to provide this special care to more than 5-7 people at the same time.

What is minimum capital requirement?2021-11-15T12:53:49+01:00

You can start with almost any account size, even with zero – using demo account. In fact, all our members are going through short demo transactions period to get familiar with the strategy. For the real account there is also no strict requirements, but sometimes brokers call for some minimum balance (usually no more than ~100-200$). Please also note that if  you are afraid of taking a financial risk or trading scares you then this is not the right program for you.

What makes you profitable in long term?2021-11-28T14:08:47+01:00

My way of investing is strictly connected with mathematical probability and simple economic rules which work for decades. There is no magic, there is no “golden graal”, no secret formula. I just follow designed approach in a very consistent manner to get the best possible expected transaction value. You can read a bit more about the strategy by downloading the strategy PDF.

What markets do you cover?2021-11-28T14:09:57+01:00

Currently, we do cover main currencies, indexes and commodities. However this strategy can be applied to almost any market or stock. In fact it may be even helpful to make better business decisions.

How much time do you need to dedicate to market analysis?2021-11-28T14:11:44+01:00

The Program is designed to decrease the required time to the minimum. If the member decides just to check and follow my transactions it will take no more than 5 minutes a day. If the member decides to do a full market review on their own than it could take anywhere from 15min up to an 1h, depending on the level of proficiency and number of stocks.

Why you are doing this if you are so successful trader?2021-11-28T14:13:38+01:00

I’m not a multimillionaire yet, but consistently getting closer to my financial independence. I would say I’m quite a normal guy who just loves teaching and sharing knowledge. For 8 years I was involved in non-profit Toastmasters Org. which has a great education system that enables people to become better speakers and leaders. On the other hand I always wanted to share my thoughts about finance. Now I found the way on how to connect the great education system with my passion and expertise in the financial markets.

At what time do you send the Daily e-mails2021-11-15T12:59:09+01:00

Daily e-mails are being sent in a range of 11.30pm – 00.10 am  GMT+2 or GMT+3 (when daylight savings is in effect). For Poland it means 22.30-23.10.
SMS alert is an option just to inform when e-mail arrives.

Is the price including VAT?2021-12-04T09:39:08+01:00

Gross prices are being displayed. In case of any detailed questions please contact us on support [at] riskrewardtrader.com.